Doctor reviewing x-rays with patient

"To see is to know, and not to see is to guess. I choose to x-ray most of my patients because I don't want somebody guessing with my health. So, I am not going to guess with yours."  Dr. Frandanisa

Diagnostics are very important to quality chiropractic care and x-rays are one of the most commonly used tools. Why? They are non-invasive and really gives Dr. Frandanisa a chance to see what is going on in your body so that an appropriate Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment Plan can be determined. Here’s what you need to know about the use of x-rays. 

Choosing X-Rays Over Other Imaging (MRI, CT)

When many people think about x-rays, the image of a broken bone or sprain generally comes to mind—not spinal alignment. But many chiropractic clinics around the country use x-rays on a regular basis to help diagnose and treat patients.

Of course, people may wonder why this is utilized. The truth is that x-rays can provide very valuable information when it comes to determining whether chiropractic is the appropriate treatment of choice for you. Dr. Frandanisa utilizes x-rays as one of the tools he uses to determine whether he thinks he can help a patient, or if they should be referred to another specialist. He also uses it to evaluate biomechanical insufficiencies in trauma cases, such as a car crash. 

Using X-Rays in Chiropractic Treatment

There are several instances when you might be asked to take an x-ray. The first is on your initial appointment. The reason is that Dr. Frandanisa wants to evaluate your spine for pathology, contraindications to chiropractic care and to assess for biomechanical insufficiencies. It is also helpful in establishing a baseline to see where you currently are to help compare, if necessary, as treatment progresses.

After treatment, your chiropractor might opt to use an x-ray to see where things are in terms of improvement. The doctor then can make decisions on the need for further treatment.

Not All Chiropractors Use X-Rays

It is important to note that not all chiropractors use x-rays as a diagnostic tool. Dr. Frandanisa is not one of them. He strongly believes in the use of x-rays as a diagnostic tool. X-rays are a safe, noninvasive diagnostic tool for most people. "To see is to know. Not to see is to guess".


In short, Dr. Frandanisa believes x-rays are an important tool for chiropractors to diagnose health conditions and ensure patients are being treated safely and appropriately. X-rays are a safe, noninvasive diagnostic tool for most people. 

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